"Q/Carving" by Peter Tornquist in collaboration with Kjell Tore Innervik.

A cyclic process of developing a new work through interaction between composer and performer, focusing on improvisation.

The process (Norwegian)

Peter Tornquist at Kjell Tore Innervik's studio.

Program note by the composer.

Q/Carving was written as part of Peter Tornquist's and Kjell Tore Innervik's artistic fellowships at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The piece aims to empower the performer to interact with an abstract material, wrestling with its ideas and transforming them into something of his (or her) own.

Q/Carving is the result of such an interactive process, featuring percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik and his quartertone marimba. The work is conceived as an interplay between the acoustic world of the marimba and the digital world of electronic sounds. Innervik has to mediate between these worlds, carving a musical form out of predefined improvisational ideas – hence part of the title: Carving, as in "cutting and shaping any hard material into an aesthetically pleasing object"

Q symbolizes the abstract elements of the work – the quarter-tones, the quoefficients, the shape of q in a digital filter, all that isn’t necessarily heard in the piece, but that nonetheless constitutes its artistic backbone. Q also symbolizes my role as the composer – ever present in the creation of the piece, but not necessarily heard in the final performance.

The process (Norwegian)
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Kjell Tore Innervik performing Q/Carving at the Norwegian Academy of Music, November 2007.

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