Other percussionists performing on the Quartertone marimba, including percussion students from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Anders Kregnes Hansen, third-year bachelor student at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo

Anders about the project

Ever since I began studying percussion, I have become more and more interested in contemporary music and microtonality. I feel that microtonal instruments are a natural evolution of an ever- growing percussion section; hence, I think Kjell Tore's project is very interesting. There is no doubt that microtonal music is a part of today's and future music, so I feel almost obliged, as a musician, to be a part of it. It brings me much joy to work with the music of today, and to be a part of Kjell Tore's fascinating project.

Anders playing the Pink Panther Theme using quartertones.



Anders playing excerpt from Henrik Skram's "Intrata", a piece for quartertone marimba in mirror form.



Wendy Greenberg, second year masters student at the Norwegian Academy of Music. This video shows he rehearsing Farangis Nurulla-Khoja: the Unregenerate for extended marimba using some quartertones. The work was originally composed for Daniel Berg and an marimba "box" with quartertone extensions in 1997.

Wendy about the project

I have always been interested in exploring different avenues of music and percussion.  I jumped at  the opportunity to undertake an elective in quartertone marimba with Kjell Tore.  It is impossible to guess what the future will hold for Western art music but explorations such as Kjell Tore's  are surely helping its future development. 

Ellen Kathrine Trelease Eriksen
, second-year masters student at the Academy of Music in Oslo.
In this video she rehearses fragments of Terje Lerstad's solo piece for quartertone marimba.


Ellen developed the above quartertone scale by ear.

Ellen is currently working on Terje Lerstad: 9 PIECES. Part 7, 8 and 9. Sample from part 8 (below).

Erik Fossen Nilsen: 19-year-old pupil at St. Hallvard's school, performing Bjørn Fongaard: Invention and improvisations, with a touch of humor.

Mats Meland Jensen: 19-year-old pupil at St. Hallvard's school, performed Bjørn Fongaard: Invention and improvisations with a touch of humor (Spring 2006).



Håkon Stene. Kjell Tore Innervik's colleague in the TWINE percussion duo and has also done some work using the quartertone vibraphone (click for webpage containing examples of works and some comments on working with quartertones)
Kjell Samkopf using the Quartertone marimba in a recording from the Town Hall in Oslo.

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