Bjorn Kruse: "Alvedans" KiO 2006

Bjorn Kruse wrote the music for "Alvedans", a scenic work about "creatures that not exist but that everybody now's exist" including music, dancing, theatric elements as monolog and dialogs. Made for children form 10 to 14 years old. Performed at KiO may 2006.

One movement was written for the quartertone marimba with solo voice and two background voices with rhythmic pattern in D.

Kjell Tore Innervik played solo percussion on the whole performance.

The project was produced by Andreas Sonning, choreographed by Anne Grethe Eriksen, Manuscript made by Phillip Kruse. Music by Bjorn Kruse. Costumes by Wanja Dreyer Amble.

Kjell Tore Innervik as the character "TROLL"

Bjorn Kruse spent time with the instrument to find some scales he wanted to use. The tune was sung by Benedickte Kruse who did a great job intonating quartertones. It worked very nice from the beginning. On stage we were separated with one singer off stage and the other two on each side of the stage end me in the back. It made it impossible to have contact audiovissially and visually. The rhythmically strict pattern witch the song was based on was impossible to hear. The melody on top of it was difficult to do live, and the result was a slightly floating character. The tune worked fine after the composers ambitions to make a eatheric tune, a bit strange but nice tune.

Video from the general rehearsal May 2006 "Soelvs song"

2 minutes percussion improvisation and the tune.

We spent 2 days in studio sampling sound for the different scenes witch Bjorn Kruse used to make a quadraphonic electronics environment as staging. Sounds from the percussion instruments were carefully picked to fit the scene description of the piece.

Kjell Tore played solo percussion during the hole performance. He also started the electronic environment for his percussion set up developed during the 3 weeks of rehearsals. The pitched songs were written by Bjorn Kruse, but major part of the performance was developed on stage by instructions of Bjorn Kruse and choreographer Anne Grethe Eriksen, and interaction between dancers and Kjell Tore Innervik.

quartertone up quartertone down


Score of the quartertonemarimba song performed by Benedickte Kruse, Nina Elisabeth Mortvedt og Henrik Sand Dagfinsrud and Kjell Tore Innervik Quartertonemarimba.


Copyright: Kjell Tore Innervik | February 7, 2008