Prototypes and early versions of the instrument.

Version 1.0 spring-autumn 2003

Two four-octave Premier marimbas,
one tuned 50 cents lower and stacked behind the other. The instrument-tuning expert recommended tuning the bars down rather than up. The legs were lengthened to allow the marimbas to stand closer together and to be tilted.

Prototype 2.0 January 2005

One quartertone-tuned Premier marimba, 4 octaves, with customized legs, used as an extension for the Adams 5-octave Artist Classic MAHC55 marimba. The bars are of different width and length, and the instruments had very different sound quality. It was difficult to get used to the differences between the instruments.

But while I was waiting for the Adams extension I rehearsed on this combination.


Prototype 2.1 October 2005

The Adams marimba extension. 4 1/3- octave MAHV50 placed in front of the 5-octave marimba.

The distance between row I to IV was still rather large. Moving from C natural to the quartertone-sharp C was quite a stretch. I experimented with wooden boxes under the front legs to achieve a suitable tilt.

After this I adjusted the crossbeams to bring the instruments closer. This prototype achieved professional sound quality.


Prototype 2.2 December 2005

The endpieces were adjusted to move row II closer to row III.

Flexible Y-joint with gliding extension for adjusting the tilt angle.


Prototype 2.3 February 2006 Final version

After further alterations, the bars stand even closer together, making the instrument easier to play. The performer has a better overview of the instrument and the distance between the rows is ideal. The instrument now consists of an adjusted frame, tilted Y-joint and modified endpieces, and bars tuned a quartertone flat.


Copyright: Kjell Tore Innervik | February 7, 2008