Alterations made to the MAHV50 quartertone-tuned marimba.

The following alterations were made to the MAHV50 marimba:
Bars tuned; sidebars cut; first beam adjusted; adjustable Y-joint constructed (for tilting the instrument)


The modified left sidebar on the MAHV50 marimba.


The first beam on the MAHV50 marimba adjusted to make room for the F sharp.


The right sidebar of the MAHV50 marimba was cut close to the bracket.

joint joint

The marimba was tilted to enable the instruments to stand closer together.
This was done on both sides.


The tube is held in place with a nut and bolt.

voyager frame

I did not alter the base of the frame because Adams' unique raising system enables its instruments to be height-adjustable.


On the standard marimba I plan to modify/cut the endpieces. This will bring the instruments even closer in the upper register.


The cross support for the legs on the MAHV50 has been loosened. This has not altered the stability of the marimba.


The first row of the quartertone-tuned marimba overlaps the second row of the standard marimba.

The resonators have not been modified. The experts at Adams suggested that the 50 cent difference in tuning had very little impact on the quality of the sound. This is a topic which may be discussed further.

The travel kit consists of: quartertone-tuned bars, Y-joint, first beam and the end sections.

The Marimba is tuned to A3 = 442Hz.

The other frequencies are:
417.21 halftone flat A3
429.41 quartertone flat A3
442.0 A3
454.95 quartertone sharp A3
468.25 halftone sharp

Prototypes and early versions

Copyright: Kjell Tore Innervik | February 7, 2008