Ragnhild Berstad: Recludo (2004)

RECLUDO (commissioned by Oslo Sinfonietta)

Ragnhild Berstad about the piece.

A concert drama for cello solo, clarinet solo, large ensemble and five folding screens. The movements of the musicians to different positions during the concert, creates constantly new physical projections of the sound in the space. This sound projections takes part in the constitution of the work itself – adds to the form of the piece. The title, Recludo, is Latin and means uncover, open, reveal, bring out. It can also have the opposite meaning – enclose, shut in. The performance is thus a play about nearness and distance – the hidden and the revealed,- about enclosing and disclosing. The scene space and the microphone are both important compositional elements in this play. The quartertone vibraphone has a central position in Recludo, both for its sonic qualities and as a brilliant support for the rest of the ensemble to tune in their instruments to the quartertones. She uses the Quartertone marimba as well as quartertone glasses.

sample of the score:
Vibraphone sample
Marimba sample

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